WPPI 2011

Wow,  I am back from WPPI!  I had a wonderful wonderful time at my first year of WPPI in Las Vegas.  I went originally because I really wanted to go to a kid’s shootout workshop (which I did, and will show you images this week!) and I really didn’t have too high of expectations about the conference but it blew me away.  It didn’t hurt that I got to go with two of my good friends, Misty & Cat, my friends from Love Affair.  We had a great great time together & it’s so nice to have fellow believers that do the same job as you that you can relate to & just get to do these sort of fun things with!  I’ll tell you a little about what we actaully did then I’ll tell you what I learned and why the week blew me away!

Of coarse we didn’t take any photos with our “real cameras” but I have plenty of photos thanks to instagram.  See collage below:) It was just Misty & I for two nights and as you can see from the photos, we had fun eating yummy dinners, spending & losing $5 on the nickel slots, shopping at H&M, and riding the Monorail to dinner!  Cat, Misty & I just have so much fun together and I am so so blessed by their friendship.  I wish I had taken some pics with my dad – he was there for a conference for work & took us to dinner one night then him & I went to see Beatles-Love show!, then him & I met for lunch on 2 separate occasions and walked around the trade show together.  What a neat time to spend with him! Misty & I had fun at the Airplanes & Blazers party too!  We met some awesome new friends there and had a super fun dance par-tay!  I can’t say enough of how glad I am on Twitter – I have met some really amazing people in real life that I have been “following” on Twitter & am starting to build some cool relationships.  Awesome tool – if you don’t use it, DO!

I know it sounds crazy to say that I had a very pivotal moment in my life & in my business in Vegas, but it’s true.  The whole trip was totally God ordained.  I don’t know how else to say it but I finally felt like I was where I am supposed to be.  He gave me this sense of confidence that I haven’t felt in a really long time – not in my skills as a photographer, but in who I am in HIM.  Who He made me to be is who I am & I finally got to a point again last week where I was more than ok with that.  All the little quirks & things that people jokingly have given me a hard time about all my life – those are the things that make me, well me!  and I felt like I was free to be me.  It was an exhilarating feeling.  I heard a few really amazing speakers that really hit home to me: Jamie Schultz is an amazing mom & wife & photographer & designer and throughout her talk I found myself really relating and it was like she was giving me permission to be ME and not who I should be in this business, but who I really am.  I ran into her later that evening and got a chance to tell her that & afterwards went to dinner with the girls and just cried tears of joy.  I also heard the amazing Me Ra Koh who is the “expert photographer” on the Nate Berkus Show (on Opraph’s network!).  I saw her on his show a while ago & when I saw her in the bathroom at WPPI, I stopped her and said something (please keep in mind this is NOT something I would usually do!  But this week I’m telling you God just gave me the guts to not be afraid to talk to anyone, even if they are a famous photographer!, just to be ME and to confident in that).  After we talked outside the bathroom, I met her husband and then I went to her platform class later that week & just loved what she said!  She talked a lot about being confident as women and in photography & she talked about story telling through photographs.  I left totally inspired and encouraged – Me Ra, you are amazing and I will never forget you!  I also heard the fabulous Jasmine Star and she challenged me to better myself.  To think about what my strengths are & to think about my weaknesses and start working on them.  She encouraged me to have a balanced life – to live the life I want to live!  I wrote down at the end of the talk she said “being me can allow me to live the life I want” and I LOVE that.  It was just this ongoing message of “being me”.

I am just so thankful to work in an industry of such amazing people.  I met the wonderful people of Thirst Relief and can’t wait to get involved in their efforts to bring clean water to people around the world.  I also met some other awesome kingdom minded photographers that want to use the gifts God gave them for good.  I am so encouraged, so inspired, so refreshed and so so thankful that I am working in the photography industry.  You know, it’s like we don’t really have too many “co-workers” so it’s so fun to go to a conference and get to meet other people from around the country that do the same thing you do.  Thank you Jesus!

It doesn’t hurt that I got a new fabulous Kelly Moore Posey Bag that will hopefully help me to take more images of my own personal life.  And please don’t be surprised if you see a video of me from Life.Camera.Actions or Shootlove.com – haha, it was a pretty fun week!

This is my new friend, Holly!  She was the ShootLove.com correspondent at WPPI – and we got the opportunity to meet up one day for coffee & then we decided to play with the awesome lens that I rented for the week.  It was pretty chilly outside but we made it happen.  Here are a few images of her that I took & then some of me that she took:) Holly, you have a beautiful heart and a beautiful story and I KNOW that God is going to use it for HIS glory.  Keep opening up your heart to what He has for you and let your light shine.  So glad we have become friends:)

Sweet Holly took a few photos of me too:) Keep in mind – I had been in class ALL day haha no time to freshen up!  She wrote a really sweet post on here blog here: http://hollyclarkephotography.wordpress.com/2011/03/01/wppi/

Amanda Holcomb - Wynne sounds like you had an amazing time!! That is just wonderful, I really wish I would have gone but am glad it did wonders for you. :)
Love your photos at the bottom. We need to chat soon to catch-up on everything.

Clipping Partner India - It was an awesome day!!

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